Modular Steel Door Designed

A E Harris has utilised its creative talent and engineering capabilities to design and manufacture a security door. This design will address many problems faced by distributors and fitters in the field.

Our registered modular design incorporates a number of benefits:

  • Both hinge jamb and lock uprights can be used on the left or the right.
  • The door leaf can be hung left or right, inward or outward opening.
  • Our ‘Uni-Kwik jamb’ system provides a unique way of attaching the hinges to the jamb that prevent binding and allowing easy fitment.
  • Bolt on headers and footers allow easy fitment.
  • Each modular part of the door can be stocked separately.
  • 1.5 mm thick galvanised door leaf skin insulated with 40 mm Rockwool not cardboard.
  • 2 mm thick galvanised jambs and lock uprights.
  • 2 mm thick stainless steel threshold.

These benefits provide our customers with the competitive advantage of being able to supply the right size of door to their customer within three days! They say that the simplest ideas are the best and here at A E Harris, we agree. By keeping the minimum number of jamb and lock uprights you can configure the width of door from 350 mm to 3050 mm just by adding the correct size header and footer. This means that by keeping a variety of sizes of the lower cost headers and footers in stock our customers can bolt the frame together in minutes.

Having the right width door in stock when your customer needs it is often a prerequisite to winning an order, along with a requirement of a left or right hand hinge, and an inward or outward opening door; the amount of stockholding required would be significant and tying up significant working capital.

Our creative thinking has produced a product that allows our customers to reduce their stock holding by 50%.

For more information about our registered bespoke steel door sets, please give us a call.