Welding Services

We offer a range of welding processes including M.I.G, T.I.G, C02, Spot and Stud from 25kVA to 100kVA.

Investment in the latest technology allows us to supply you welded assemblies more cost effectively. We have two Robotic welding cells, utilising a Fanuc Arc Mate 100 iC and Fanuc Arc Mate 120 iC. Both have six axis arms designed for precise welding and cutting applications with dual station indexing units.

These Robot cells are suitable for a wide range of M.I.G. welding applications, allowing easy access to small or large parts and complex tooling. This makes our welding processes more efficient, with precise repeat-ability ensuring consistent high quality welds. The robots also lower our manufacturing costs and improve the quality and safety of our workplace.

From the simplest welded fabrications for assemblies to more complex welded fabrications, we can provide the necessary expertise, plant and equipment to answer practically all your demands for small to medium sized welded fabrications and processes.

Utilising our laser cutting, press braking & tube bending facilities, we are capable of producing small to medium volume fabrications with minimal capital investment.

Welding Services Birmingham