Oaklands Park Sign

It has been has been an absolute pleasure working with Iggy Smith and Sharon Galsin on this project.

Iggy Smith from Birmingham City Council commissioned us to laser cut a new sign for the newly landscaped Oaklands Park in Yardley.


A few words from Sharon Galsinh,  an Artist and Graphic Designer.

My passion is working creatively within the community to bring people together. Helping with emotional wellbeing through art is at the heart of what I do.

Arts in the Yard, the local arts forum for Yardley district, commissioned me to design a logo. The logo needed to express that Oaklands Recreation Ground park belongs to the people of Yardley. I did this by creating abstract trees to look like people with raised arms and acorn faces, all bordered with oak leaves. The figures represent the local community and act as the oak trees in the park, showing that Oaklands belongs to the community and is theirs to use. It’s becoming a much loved emblem and is being used to create positive awareness for Oaklands.